Advice about large scale micropropagation plants, provided in situ to Italian and foreign laboratories. Assistance is particularly aimed at improving propagation techniques to lower production costs.

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Remote consultancy by sending specific protocols for micropropagation of several fruit plants. The protocols with texts and images are a synthesis about each one phases (explant, multiplication, elongation, etc) with particularly attention to the composition of the culture substrates. The service can be implemented with assistance via Skype, WhatsApp and e-mail.

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Assistance for the realization of new micropropagation laboratories, then designing the sizing of the different lab area, dislocation of equipment related to the species and quantity of plants to be produced.

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Teaching assistance for the organization of courses and lessons held concerning micropropagation techniques. The service is aimed at schools and institutes with agrarian orientation.

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Collaborations with public and private research institutions, In vitro culture is particularly important for genetic improvement, e.g. production of selected clones, diploaploid lines and production of pure parental lines of F1 hybrids. A strong contribution can also be achieved through the cultivation of meristems good method to obtain virus-free plants.

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